Home Heating Elements

We have extensive experience in designing and producing heating elements and systems specifically designed for appliances used for residential or domestic heating needs:

  • Aluminium or steel radiators: electric tubular and cartridge heating elements, with regulation devices, if required.
  • Radiant panels: heating cables on aluminium backing or etched foil heating elements.
  • Towel warmers – cartridge heating elements, complete with controls of required. Heating cables can also be used.
  • Storage heaters: tubular heating elements.
  • Portable convector heaters or wall mounted point of heat units, are fitted with tubular or aluminum finned heating elements. Stitched wire heaters can also be used.
  • Electric skirting: heating cables on aluminium backing.
  • Underfloor heating systems: heating cables.

Floor mounted point of use heaters, can use stitched wire and aluminum finned elements, oil filled heaters can be fitted with cartridge or tubular elements. Anti condensation or de-misting heaters can be supplied for mirrors – heating cables for toilet seat warming.

Outdoor heating applications can include de-icing heat cables for watering systems, guttering and driveway ramps.

Ergonomic and aesthetic control or electronic thermostats can also be supplied.

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