Our solutions offer flexibility, performance, and high temperature resistance.

We design and manufacture microtubular heating elements, with dia 1.4mm and dia 1.8mm, to meet heating requirements in applications that demand small footprints.

They are made to ensure high performance in durability, power density, working temperature and electrical insulation.

Minitubular heating element on a white background
  • Available sizes (dia in mm)
    1.4, 1.8, 2.1 , 3 , 4 , 1.4×2.4, 1.8×3.2, 3.2×3.2, 2.2×4.2, 4×2.5, 3×5, 6×4

  • Working temperatures
    up to 750°C

  • Special materials
    Inconel 600, Incoloy 825, Titanium, AISI 316 Ti, AISI 316 L, Nikel, AISI 321, AISI 304. Watertight seal, anti-vibration

Microtubular heaters consist of a resistive wire insulated with compacted magnesium oxide and protected by a stainless steel or nickel sheath.
The most typical geometry is the spiral, but circular, square or rectangular sections are available in different sizes, lengths and wattages.

The reflector tube assemblies cover both micro (e.g. dia 6x21mm) and macro (e.g. dia 40x500mm) dimensions and can be fitted with a thermocouple, either integrated or independent, and RTD.

Brass bushing heating elements, on the other hand, are commonly used in packaging machines.

Microtubulars applied to PET preform injection systems are supplied in both standard and customised formats in terms of diameter, height and axial clamping band.

By means of our advanced manufacturing process, our heating elements withstand high working temperatures of up to 750°C.