24 August 2023

Zoppas Industries auf der APTA EXPO 2023

APTA expo logo

9th – 11th October, 2023

Orlando, Florida – US

We’re thrilled to announce Zoppas Industries‘ participation in this year’s APTA EXPO, the public transportation industry’s most esteemed event.

APTA EXPO offers a dynamic stage to explore the latest breakthroughs in technology, products, and services. This event plays a pivotal role in increasing and retaining ridership, elevating the rider experience, integrating technology for added convenience, enhancing security measures, transitioning towards sustainable systems, and fortifying system-wide reliability.

As a pioneer in innovative heating solutions, Zoppas Industries is set to showcase cutting-edge technologies, geared towards advancing mobility systems. From state-of-the-art heating elements to intelligent control systems, Zoppas Industries is reshaping railway heating to align with modern-day expectations.

Engage with our experts, explore our innovative solutions by joining us at our booth:  BOOTH 2689

For tickets & registration click here