Zoppas Industries has developed high watt density heating elements since 1990,
giving solutions to a wide variety of industrial applications often requiring high
performances and custom made elements.
Our heaters are applied into tools and devices intended for the Plastic Moulding,
Packaging, Metal Forming, Medical Industries.



Zoppas Industries has designed an extensive standard sizes range of cartridge heaters, minitubular and microtubular heaters, tubular heaters.
Minitubular and microtubular heaters are designed and coiled so as to get a calibrated inner diameter and a distributed wattage density which optimizes output performances.

Square profile tubular heaters represents the state of the art of heating elements designed for manifolds: it is possible to get either a perfect heat transmission or a stable mechanical installation thus achieving the best thermal efficiency.
Both optimized watt density and compaction result in a very long life service.

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We design and produce heating systems for injection presses, extrusion equipment and blowing machines:

For heating and maintaining the temperature of plasticizing cylinders: heating and cooling systems with or without forced air, ceramic or mica band heaters and sheathed cast tubular heating elements.

For injection heads: micro-tubular heaters and band heaters for nozzles.

For heating hoppers and dryers: sheathed tubular heating elements, air heaters and duct heaters.

We design and supply heating elements for moulds, hot runners, flat dies and heat regulators:

For heating moulds and mould carriers: cartridge heaters and sheathed tubular heating elements.

For heating hot runners and manifolds: micro-tubular heaters, sheathed tubular heating elements and nozzle band heaters.

For flat dies: cartridge heaters and tubular heating elements.

For heat regulators: sheathed tubular heating elements for screw plug immersion heaters.

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To be the market leader, with a global presence, in all the sectors thanks to the offered product and service quality.
To generate value through new products and technologies, enlarging the market competitiveness and meeting customers' requirements.
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To improve the existing technologies in order to reduce the total production costs, to simplify the production flows and to increase the product quality.
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A path for the safeguard of the environment and energy saving, a commitment today for a better world tomorrow.
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To enhance and consolidate internal know-how through training and development policies of the human resources.
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To promote the continuous improvement of company processes and product, to achieve safety and reliability and guarantee product and service quality.
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