We develop and manufacture high-quality, reliable etched foil flexible electric heaters.

Flexible heaters, derived from printed circuit board technology, are thin heating metal tracks between two insulating sheets. Ideal for heating surfaces and fluids evenly, they were developed in the 1990s for advanced sectors such as aerospace and are now used in many other areas.

They can be supplied complete with cables with PVC, silicone, polyimide, Teflon and other material protection, connectors, controls such as thermostats and thermal fuses, sensors such as thermocouples, PT100, PT1000, NTC, SMD components and ZIF connections.

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  • Heated metal track available in
    aluminum, steel, non-magnetic nickel-chrome alloys, copper, and constantan.

  • Insulating sheets available in
    silicone, polyester, polyimide, or mica.

  • Quality management system certifications for company processes
    UNI EN ISO 9001:2008 and BS EN 9100:2009

  • Flat heater certifications
    UL and VDE

  • Flexible heater certifications for aerospace
    ESA (European Space Agency) ESCC 4009 and 4009/002 specifications.

  • Degree of protection guaranteed
    Up to IP67

The flexible foil heater offers numerous advantages: it allows for local power differentiation, minimizes heat loss, is extremely versatile in shape and easy to assemble, as well as being lightweight, thin and economical.



Our flexible mica foil heaters offer intense heating with reduced dimensions thanks to insulating sheets of only 0.9 mm. They can be made with differentiated power zones for uniform heat distribution.
Our technical department studies the correct specific power for each project, guaranteeing a virtually infinite life cycle with a maximum temperature of 500°C. We supply heaters for laboratory equipment.

Silicone flexible heater

Silicone flexible heater

Silicone flexible foil heaters, with 0.8 mm insulating sheets, offer excellent efficiency and heat distribution. They can be adhesive or vulcanized on metal, even pre-shaped.
Thanks to careful design and application, they guarantee a potentially infinite lifespan up to 200°C.
Used in advanced sectors such as aeronautics and telecommunications, they are also used in catering, medical, aesthetic, and wellness.



Polyimide flexible heaters (single sheet thickness: 0.15 mm) are lightweight and extremely flexible (minimum bending radius: 1 mm), reliable, and ensure excellent thermal distribution.
This product is particularly reliable, thanks to the careful development of specific performance, with a maximum working temperature of 260°C (175°C with adhesive).
Our flexible heaters on polyimide insulating sheets are typically used in the aerospace sector for thermal control of satellites.

Polyester flexible heater

Polyester flexible heater

Our flexible polyester insulated sheets offer concentrated heating on large surfaces, up to 4m².
The polyester insulation, only 0.075-0.250 mm thick, guarantees optimal efficiency and heat distribution and can be PVC coated for increased resistance.
We design the specific power and its distribution to guarantee a potentially infinite life cycle up to 100°C.
This product is ideal for aeronautics, telecommunications, professional ironing, aesthetics, wellness, domestic heating and air conditioning.