Steam generators and water heaters
Steam generators and water heaters

Steam generators and water heaters

We develop complete systems, such as steam generators and boilers, ready for installation and complete with electric heating elements, insulation, control, and regulation systems.

Our advanced approach goes beyond simply supplying an electric heating element; it focuses on integrated functionality. We offer various functional kits in both standard versions and customized to our clients’ specific needs.

water boiler with tubular heating element inside on white background
  • Available powers
    from 7.500 to 18.000 W

  • Application sectors
    Medical, domestic washing, industrial washing and ironing, vending machines, beauty and wellness

  • Available construction schemes
    – Cylindrical (diameter from 60 to 330 mm) with removable heating element

    – Cylindrical (diameter from 60 to 330 mm) or box-shaped with fixed heating element;

    – Box-shaped with removable heating element, inspectable or not

In collaboration with the client, we fully manage the design, production, and testing processes of functional assemblies in our facilities, destined for various types of applications and sectors, optimizing costs and supply logistics management.

Based on the client’s project requirements, steam generators/boilers can have various geometries and construction characteristics, making them suitable for a wide range of application sectors.

Some examples of our boiler technology applications, personalised for the client’s use:
– Steam generators for professional combi ovens (compact single-phase generators, custom steam generators).
– Boilers for dishwashers (cylindrical or parallelepiped, with a wide range of standard or custom bases)
– Steam generators for industrial floor scrubbers and professional ironing equipment
– Steam generators for shower cabins with sauna/Turkish bath function, with integrated level control and thermal safety
– Boilers for vending machines