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Band heaters

Our band resistors are designed and developed to ensure rapid heat transfer, in various types of applications.

Band heaters are heating elements generally consisting of a metal ring, in stainless steel or aluminum, with a nickel-chromium resistance wire insulated with mica or ceramic.

Heating cooling system
  • Maximum temperature
    up to 450 °C

  • Specific loads
    up to 8 W/cm²

  • Typical applications

    – Plastics industry: Heating of plasticising cylinders, extruders, and injection presses

    – Packaging

    – Industrial ironing

    – Woodworking machinery

    – Scientific and medical equipment

They can be made in various shapes (including flat) and with different types of cable outlets, protections and terminals. They ensure maximum ease of installation.

For our mica and ceramic band heaters, we only use high-quality materials to ensure durability, reliability, and safety.

Electric mica band heaters

Electric mica band heaters

Mica band heaters consist of a nickel-chromium strip wound around a mica support, while the external casing is made of aluminum or stainless steel sheet.
We also provide functional heating/cooling assemblies consisting of mica band heaters, combined with heat exchangers, and a forced air cooling system.



Ceramic band heaters consist of a nickel-chromium spiral housed in modular steatite elements, while the external casing is made of aluminum or stainless steel sheet. They are insulated by a layer of ceramic fiber that directs the heat flow towards the surface to be heated and limits the temperature of the casing.

We provide:
Standard band resistors with customised diameters and widths according to project specifications.
Triple-casing ceramic heaters that reduce external temperature, ensuring energy savings and accident prevention.
Flat resistors

Band heaters for nozzles

Band heaters for nozzles

Developed for plastic processing machines, the nozzle bands can be standard or with a brazed cap. They are built like mica band resistors, but withstand specific loads up to 6 W/cm².
The standard type is particularly suitable for applications where small spaces are required, such as molds and hot chambers. The types with a brazed cap and a TIG-welded stainless steel casing are mainly used for nozzle heating in injection presses.

They can have various diameters and lengths, depending on the type of application, and can be combined with thermocouples. The standard power cord length is 1,000 mm.