Electric immersion heaters type FLGT50÷450 comprises of a heating unit and a box for the electrical connections.

Protection type is Ex db IIC T4 ÷ T1 for category 2G and Ex db IIC T4 ÷ T3 Ex tb IIIC T135°C-T200°C IP65 for category 2GD.

The heating unit comprises one or more sheathed heating elements, fixed to the container to be heated by means of a flange.

The terminal board box can be fitted directly to the assembly flange or at a distance from it by means of a neutral extension.

The box may house temperature control instruments (thermostats, thermocouples, thermo elements, etc.), self-regulating heating wire or finned anticondensation heaters and a pressure switch for pressure control inside the box, if required.

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