<h1 style=Stiched wire electrical heaters">

Stiched wire electrical heaters

Are compact and lightweight, with low thermal inertia.

We manufacture stitched wire heating elements with shaped resistive wires fixed to an insulating structure. The resistive coils can be arranged on both sides, with reinforcing metal backings.

Stitched heating element
  • Operating temperature
    up to 1000 °C

  • Supplied with
    temperature regulators, connectors, and fixing systems.

  • Compliance standards

These heaters are used in ventilation systems, as well as for radiant heating of professional catering equipment, such as holding cabinets, cooking tops, and fry tops (where operating temperatures can reach nearly 1,000°C).
In this case, we design and manufacture stitched wire elements suitable for transmitting infrared radiation upwards and minimizing lateral dispersion, thus ensuring high overall efficiency.
The materials are selected so that the resistive filament ensures durability in intermittent operation at high temperatures, and the support has high insulating properties and is not chemically reactive.

These heaters are typically used in various sectors: professional dryers, medical equipment, and in various air conditioning and home heating applications.