We supply flat heating elements on a silicone backing for intense heating of applications in a small space. The insulating silicone sheets are 0.8mm thick and guarantee excellent efficiency and heat distribution.

The heaters may be adhesive on one side or vulcanized directly onto a metal backing. They can also be pre-shaped to customers’ requirements (e.g. cylindrical).

Our engineers accurately define the specific power of the elements according to the project involved and this, together with a perfect application method, ensures a practically infinite life cycle for silicone etched foil heating elements with maximum working temperature of 200°C (175°C with adhesive).

We design and manufacture silicone etched foil heating elements not only for advanced industries such as aeronautics and telecommunications, but also for catering equipment (e.g. baine marie, dishwashers), and the medical, aesthetics and wellness trades.

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