We manufacture stitched wire heating elements of suitably shaped wire attached to an insulating structure, which can be fitted into a reinforcing metal backing. The resistive coils have several different shapes and can be placed on one or more insulating backings.

Stitched wire heating elements are compact and lightweight and have low thermal inertia.

They comply with VDE and/or UL standards and can be provided with temperature regulation and fixing systems to allow easy assembly to different types of ventilation systems.

They are used in several sectors: professional and domestic dryers, medical equipment, and various applications for air conditioning and domestic heating.

These elements are also used for radiant heating of professional catering equipment, such as plate warmers or cooking hobs and fry tops (which reach working temperatures approaching 1000°C).

In this case we design and manufacture wire heating elements suitable for transmitting infrared radiation upwards and reducing lateral dispersion to a minimum, ensuring high overall output. In addition, we select the material so that the resistive wire (in refractory alloy) guarantees durability with intermittent operation at high temperatures and the core provides extremely good insulation and is not chemically reactive.

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