Scientific Equipment

We design and manufacture single components, assemblies and operational modules that ensure precision temperature control for uniform temperature and precision for laboratory analysis instruments and equipment dedicated to research.

Our products are customized not only in the technologies and materials used, but also in the provision of batches that meet our customers’ real needs, from just a few pieces to large quantities:

  • Complete operational kits with etched foil heating elements for gas chromatography.
  • Mica etched foil heating elements designed to work with extremely high specific powers, for laboratory stirrers.
  • Water heaters, tubular and etched foil heating elements with temperature sensors for equipment used in chemical-physical food analyses, such as Kjeldahl analyzers.
  • Cartridge and etched foil heating elements applied to instruments for the chemical-physical analysis of petroleum products.
  • Etched foil heating elements with incorporated sensors for machines used in DNA sequencing.

Our heaters are used on equipment for controlling magnetic field stability in the ATLAS and CSM experiments at the Geneva CERN.

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