Aerospace and Telecommunications

The design and production of heat systems for use in satellites and other space vehicles commenced in 1992, and to date we have supplied systems to over 100 international space projects.

The entire aerospace product design, manufacturing and test processes are developed in our European facilities and observe stringent procedure and quality standards.

Our production processes are ESA certified against ESCC 4009, 4009/002 and 4009/004 specifications.

We develop heating systems with flexible heating elements on a polyimide backing (minimum weight and thickness, excellent heat distribution and great flexibility) for satellite heat control, meeting our customers stringent specifications and available power.

In particular, we provide heating systems to offset temperature variations or to heat specific parts of satellites: structure, hydrazine tanks and ducts, pipes for other fluids, electronic and optic components and movement mechanisms.

For the telecommunications industry we provide heating assemblies comprising foil heating elements on Mylar or silicone backing for defrosting parabolic antennas. We also produce heaters for parabolic antenna battery systems.

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