14 December 2022

Zoppas Industries: Heating Solutions for Space

[Sole 24 Ore Rapporti, by Emilio Cozzi]

People talk about us as a company of excellence in the supply of heating solutions across many fields: from the Artemis service module, that will allow the Orion capsule and its future crews to go round the Moon and survive for weeks, to the Mmod protection system (Micro-Meteoroid and Orbital Debris) plus the thermal control system, the radiators, and the consumables storage subsystem.

For over thirty years Zoppas Industries Heating Element Technologies has been a supplier to the European Space Agency-ESA, and to NASA.

Thanks to the expertise developed in the creation of thermal balancing systems for satellites, space vehicles, habitable modules and terrestrial antennas, the group led by Federico Zoppas has improved its components for other fields: including, for example, medical diagnostics, clinical applications and DNA analysis.

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